[Wedding] Sindy & Ryan – Cambodian Wedding Ceremony in Danbury, CT

Over the years, we’ve been privileged to document all kinds of wedding ceremonies spanning a wide spectrum of various religions, traditions and cultures. It’s always been my firm belief that given the opportunity, all the individuals, places and things on the other side of my camera have a unique story to share. My only role at that given moment, is to simply be present, and document those stories as they unravel before my very eyes. 

Part 1 (of 2) of Sindy & Ryan’s family started at her family’s home in Danbury, CT, where the entire neighborhood came together to celebrate this momentous milestone of one of their very own. Their story is one rooted in tradition, filial piety, and boundless gratitude and affection for their family and friends. Sindy & Ryan’s Cambodian wedding featured not one, but three traditional ceremonies, which involved music, performances, prayer to go along with some of the most colorful wardrobe changes I’ve ever had the opportunity to photograph. We only hope that our images did justice to such a wonderful, gorgeous day!


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