Nick + Sheena :: New York City Hall :: Wedding Photography

If there was one job that changed my career forever, these guys were it.

Though I had been doing photography for quite some time, I’d never encountered a client who loved my work so much that it actually compelled me to re-examine the possibility of pursuing my photography work at 200% – which is 100-120 hour work-weeks for those keeping track :). It’s one thing when my friends and family are fans of my work (which I’m absolutely, totally grateful for by the way!), but it’s another thing to have strangers encounter my work for the first time, and then say to themselves: “Wow, I really want to hire THAT guy!”. That was on a Monday.

By Thursday I had booked 3 more weddings with couples who felt the same way.

Bride is enamored with her husband to be, as they get ready for their wedding ceremony in New York

♫ I saw the sign, and it opened up m….♫
Oh never mind.

Groom kisses his bride

Long story short: I found myself buried in my work, and I’m not one to keep my promises and obligations undelivered :).

Witness signs paperwork before the bride and groom gets married at New York

Besides, this is much more fun and exciting than running a chicken factory.

Bride holds on to her bouquet before her wedding ceremony at New York

 Oh you think I’m joking, don’t you?

Groom kisses his bride at the conclusion of his wedding ceremony in New York

Two fun facts that I’d like to share: prior to this, I’ve actually never shot a wedding in this room before.
It’s always been in the other one. Not to mention, the furniture in this room is so much nicer cleaner :).

Newlyweds share a bagel on a park bench outside of Central Park after their New York City Hall wedding ceremony in Lower Manhattan.

Second fun fact: as a result of being raised overseas, Nick can actually switch between his NY and British accents quite effortlessly.
(They’re sharing a bagel here on a park bench outside of Central Park, for inquiring minds who want to know.)

Newlyweds share a kiss inside a tunnel in Central Park after their wedding ceremony in New York

And because my NY and British accents are just dreadfully incoherent, I find this to be quite fascinating :).

Newlyweds sit on a grassy field in Central Park after their wedding ceremony at New York

Nick and Sheena, thank you SOOOO much for inviting me to witness and capture such a lovely occasion, and for enduring the hellacious heat for our cameras :). May you always remember the overwhelming feelings of love and joy that you felt for one another on this special day, as the two of you embark on your journey towards happily ever after. Should that journey ever take you guys across the pond and you just so happen to require my services, I would be more than happy to oblige. But know that I may need a little bit more than 18 hours to work on my accent :).

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